Recent edition of Rongali had Youth as focus and Entrepreneurship as main thrust area. Of late, The Handloom and Textile industry has given birth to a culture of budding Start Ups, Entrepreneurships and Investments in the country. The huge potential of Assam in terms of fabrics, designs, weaving practices and sustainable fashion has not only put the state in the world map, but has also contributed in becoming an active part of the global supply chain.

Upcomming editions of Rongali would be bigger and denser in terms of exposure to the local skills and talents.

  • In alignment with the GOI's vision of sustaining and strengthening the traditional knowledge, skills and capabilities of our weavers and craftspeople, Rongali 2022 will be an endeavor to create a common platform for the local artisans and weavers to showcase and sell their products to a mass spectator and buyer.
  • The exceptionally rich and unique sericulture of Assam is widely known to the world. However, the process of production is a highly buying point of curiosity for the people across the globe. In the upcoming edition of Rongali, an interesting exhibition and miniature installation would be dedicated to showcase the process of production of the globally coveted “Assam Silk”.
  • The exhibition would be a platform for various production units of the Textile and Handloom Industry that has taken the textile of Assam global, including SHGs, young entrepreneurs, Start Ups, etc.

One most popular platform to showcase a talent in Traditional Fashion

Rongali 2022 will host a substantial session on Local Entrepreneurship and Start Ups that would stand as a platform of seminal discussions highlighting the operations, issues and solutions WRT the major industries of the state with a special focus on the Handloom and Textile industry. Prominent national media houses and personalities would be present as delegates in the session, among other significant stakeholders.

Expected Outcomes

  • It will be the tourism festival of Assam and promote Assam as an ideal Tourism destination
  • It will promote the traditional sports of the State and NER Region that Assam is known for.
  • It will be a common platform for the artists from various spheres of cultural forms of the state.
  • It will exhibit the ways of life, culture and richness of the tribes and communities of the state.
  • The extensive coverage by various national media houses, alongside the locals will exhibit the cultural richness and vibrance of Assam to a massive audience.